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How We Did It: Spring break Camp 2022

Our Spring Break Camp is an oasis for kids in need of somewhere to feel valued and loved. They find that through days full of fun activities, Bible stories, and time outside.The tension in over 100 bodies left as they walked through our doors knowing they would be going home with groceries and a filled up spirit. But how did we do it?

Our Lime girls were led by Ms. Kashlynn. She lifted their spirits with her gentle and kind voice. They felt heard as she navigated each conversation with compassion.

Our Jungle boys were led by Mr. Simon. His care for them surpassed the anger they felt. He held them close through praise parties, smiles, and tenderness.

Our Neon girls were led by Ms. Jamie. Her spunky spirit made for the best time. Her prayerful heart inspired change in her kids.

Our Orange boys were led by Mr. Alvin. His excitement to serve with love made the boys adore him. His joy spurred joy inside the boys.

Our Pink girls were led by Ms. CC. Her determination to wear all things pink created a sense of pride in her group. She led them with excellence. Their unity led them to win the chant battle.

Our Navy boys were led by Mr. Sean. His willingness to give all he had made his group stronger. He was a model of a peaceful soul. His ability to adapt, learn, and love brought understanding to his boys.

Our Royal girls were led by Ms. Taplin and Ms. Linda. Their teamwork showed their girls the beauty in working together. The team rallied together to become one.

Our Silver boys were led by Mr. Travon. His eagerness to play football with every child made everyone feel like a star. He was intentional, calm, but excited. His encouragement made all feel included.

Our Rec team consisted of Mr. Walker, Ms. Allison, and Ms. Kinley. They each had hearts too big to love only one group. They loved all. Their enthusiasm made games run smoothly with smiles all around. Their ability to see every kid made inclusivity a reality.

We are so grateful for this incredible team. They gave all they had to give our children the oasis they deserve and need. We are looking forward to a summer team this impactful!

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