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Blessings: 1.4 So There’s Room For More

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Khloe and Kyndal, fourteen, two out of three triplets, sit on the cracked concrete lip by the basketball court near home, watching. Sitting there, watching, they don’t really talk to anyone, content with the sister company. There’s a certain standard these girls hold themselves to, the 4.0 kind of standard, and it creates this honorable kind of separation. Looking across the court to where they are crouched maybe it looks like two out of three triplets with a little chip on their shoulders. Looking a little closer, I see two perfectly ambitious girls with the self-awareness of experienced souls, who more than anything want to find iron to sharpen their own. They told me that’s not what they find at home, at the basketball court, so they just watch. They told me that downtown, sometimes people get shot at the grocery store. They told me that they reach for a 4.0 when others don’t. They also told me that Thursdays at Youth World give them a taste of that holy kind of life-giving relationship they were born craving.

We want to give these girls the “more” they are reaching for. Our vision is a new building designed specifically for our teens, so we can give them more, and create more moments conducive for iron sharpening iron. We see it for next year, and we are speaking it in Jesus’ name.

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