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A Summer to Remember

Summer 2021… it was a summer to remember.

Our staff came together and compiled the kind of summer stories we want to never forget, and for the next few months, we want to use this space to celebrate these stories.

So here is the first win we want to forever celebrate…

Mr. Daniel wants to remember Kyron, the boy who walked through our doors with walls around his heart. Guarded and calloused, he told his counselor, Mr. DC, that he hated him day after day. Flooded with messages of anger, Mr. DC remained patient and steadfast. He never gave up on Kyron. Instead, he demonstrated unconditional love and kindness. This push and pull, back and forth continued all summer. At last, on the last day of camp, when Kyron realized he had to say goodbye to Mr. DC, he broke down in his counselor’s arms. Kyron was overwhelmed with emotion, conveying a message words never could.

At Youth World, Kyron has a God-given place. At Youth World, Kyron is valued and loved.

And that is worth remembering.

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