The summer of 1998 LaToya walked into our run down, dilapidated warehouse and said, "One day when I grow up I'm going to move out, make some money and shop at K-Mart." 

In that moment I knew that LaToya still had HOPE, something many of the 7 year olds in the room had already lost. LaToya lived in the rundown apartments across the street and her mom was a prostitute. Her dream of shopping at K-Mart was an everyday reality for my daughter. 

Every child has a place in this world and I knew that if people like you and me didn't step up to make a difference in their lives they would give up hope. So Youth World opened its doors in the highest juvenile crime, lowest-family income area of Dallas so that little heart's like LaToya's could dream, learn, and live in the power of HOPE.

LaToya still had hope.

-Darla Shirley, Executive Director





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