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Reflections: Bob Landers’ Story

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

As our own Mrs. Darla says, it’s all about “keeping the main thing the main thing,” and Mr. Landers gets that. He gets why we keep Jesus the focus, always, even in the chaos of the logistics. When the line of families spills outside, he gets that God is still very much at work through people here at Youth World. When the building echoes with the sound of kids’ voices lifted, Mr. Landers knows that Jesus has a soft spot for children. When paperwork piles up, Mr. Landers sees tangible evidence that we are still making a difference in God’s kingdom here.

Bob Landers and his family have been faithfully serving and supporting Youth World for years. Mr. Landers and his wife believe that “nothing is better than a child who has Jesus to look to,” and their faithful support is an overflow of this deeply-rooted belief. The Landers are the kind of family who have been around so long they are in the pictures on our hallway walls, arms wrapped around smiling kids. They first became involved at our annual shoe drive, an event which allows us to give hundreds of kids the gift of brand new sneakers. The Landers remember the cardboard boxes that created a colorful checker of reds, blacks, and pinks against the blue gym walls, and the prize inside promising crooked smiles, warm joy-filled tears, and mini victory dances. It was in those moments that Bob Landers could say with confidence that “The Lord is making a difference here, giving hope and guidance for children, providing a foundation.” Staff, volunteers, donors--in the little things and the big things, Jesus’ handprint is all over each moment.

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