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The world is changing so rapidly, it is hard to keep up with it all. The new developments can be overwhelming, especially for young minds. This made us curious to see how our kids view life, school, Youth World and God. We sat down to see what our kids had to say. First, let’s meet the kids:

Abraham: an intelligent ten-year-old whose knowledge of the history of America will blow you away.

Keke: A self-described 18-year-old trapped in a nine-year-old body.

Kam: A goofy ten-year-old who is a friend to all.

Jordan: A charismatic twelve-year-old who is guaranteed to make you smile.

Ayo: A passionate nine-year-old who is a natural leader.

Rebecca: A precious six-year-old who gives the best hugs!

Immanuel: A kind eleven-year-old who has the biggest heart.

Sofia: A ten-year-old who always makes sure everyone feels special.


Q: How do you feel when you are at Youth World?

“When I go to Youth World, I know Ms. Paige will always hold my hand and smile at me.”

“When I first came to Youth World, I was five and really scared. Now I love it here!”

“Youth world makes me happy because it is my Bible place. When I am at church, I know the answers to the questions because I come to Youth World.”

“I love having my own free time. At home I always get asked to help with all these extra things.”

“All my issues are less big when I am at Youth World.”


Q: What is the hardest part about being a kid?

“Getting older isn’t fun.”

“I have to be careful with what I am doing because kids go to jail too. Everything is hard to manage, especially school, it is the hardest part. I wish my teachers and parents knew that I can pass all my exams, I have the ability to. It is just hard. I can hear everybody, and it overwhelms my mind, and I can’t focus.”

“I’m basically the momma of my younger siblings. Making sure they eat and take care of they things.”

“I don’t like two of my teachers. They scream when people get in trouble. I don’t get in trouble but the other kids do. I feel angry when I see my friends getting yelled at because they are my friends.”

“There is nothing fun about being ten.”


Q: Who is God and what is God like?

“God is our father. He created us.”

“God is a person who understands me. He will help me with all my problems. He can do anything, like miracles.”

“God loves us and is right here with us.”

“God is not a nobody. He is a good man. He wants the whole world to be good. The only person we have to worship is God!”

In the midst of the craziness, Youth World is a compass that points our kids to God. We create a space for them to drop their backpacks, drop their burdens, and just be a kid! Here, they know that someone is always going to be here to hold their hand. Here, they are reminded that God understands us, loves us, and can do anything!

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