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Nothing Is Stopping Us

On February 17th, a burst pipe caused Youth World to flood, damaging every room in the facility.

While our building is in shambles, the people that make Youth World refuse to be.

As we work together to breathe life back into our broken building, a simple phrase echoes louder than any hopelessness.


Adapting and adjusting has become a daily reality, but our ministry will not stop!

Despite all odds, we gave groceries to hundreds of hungry families at our drive-thru Spring Carnival.

Despite all odds, we provided our teens with a safe place to come after school to be fed food and friendship.

Despite all odds, we welcomed our kids to Spring Break Camp where they received hot meals, hugs, and hope.

Despite all odds, Summer Camp is happening because it is imperative that those hundreds of kids are fed and loved and reminded of that special hope.

Despite all odds, we are still believing that this will be the year we break ground and make space so that more teens can be impacted here.

Despite all odds,

nothing is stopping us.

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