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Mrs. Darla: The Woman On A Mission

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Mrs. Darla

She’s the woman who writes poems for her staff, perfectly articulating their best qualities, just to show them how much she truly loves, appreciates, and believes in them. Mrs. Darla sees her people the way Jesus sees them. 

She’s the woman who has embraced hundreds more than so many of us will ever be bold enough to. 

She’s the woman who has faith so big that she put on a summer camp, for a hundred kids or so, and ran it by herself, in an empty room with no resources. Those kids’ lives were changed. 

She’s the woman who pastors a church, speaking truth over so many different people from so many different walks of life, never failing to find common ground. 

She’s the woman who we all know and love, but often fail to truly encourage. 

So, here’s what we love:

Jesse loves that she demands excellence from her team. Her phrase “don’t tell me, show me,” is iconic. 

Marissa loves her stories. Time freezes when Mrs. Darla speaks, and everything “important” comes second to her wild stories packed with wisdom and life lessons. 

Yomi loves that Mrs. Darla’s quirky hidden talent is barefoot waterskiing.

Sam loves her vision; Mrs. Darla can see what no one else can even dream of. 

Alissa loves her passion; Mrs. Darla cares about every corner and crevasse of Youth World...Nothing is minute to her. 

Mallory’s favorite times with Mrs. Darla are when she gets to work early. Sitting on the soft blue couch, she soaks up every drop of wisdom shared like a little sponge.

I love her focus and her drive; Mrs. Darla wakes up each day to impact the kingdom, and nothing less. 

She’s the woman who is loved by her people, and her genuine adoration for Jesus creates a passion that can be seen from miles away. Mrs. Darla is on a mission. Will you join her?

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I love this!! Yes, Praise God for Mrs. Darla...An example to all of us of a life truly changed by God’s love for her, a life full of the passion that flows from deep intimacy with him. That intimacy is possible for all of us, and one life filled with that love makes such a difference in our world!!!


junior production
junior production

SO TRUE! Love this woman!

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