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Celebrations: A Year of Adventure

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Wow--what a year.

Adventure--it’s Spirit-filled, Real, Wild. This is really the only word worthy to describe this past year here at Youth World. 

Spirit-filled: our moments of intentional prayer over family units huddled in a winding line at our Turkey Giveaway event. 

Real: the relationships here, like Izzy and Mary, sisters brought together by our very own Miss Ericka, a Youth World mom and a foster mom to many--she has the most angelic heart and she never fails to offer her real self. 

Wild: summer camp, the staff there, the kids there. 12-year-old Jakkarie telling Mr. Sam and Miss Mallory Youth World is the place he learned to get a hold on controlling his anger last summer. 

We’re ready for a Spirit-filled, Real, Wild summer staff. We have been praying over the 2020 Summer Camp staff, and we KNOW that the Lord has already put together the most creative and passionate team. What we can guarantee: in the endless dancing, in the stinging tears that come from really living, and in the scratchy singing voices lifted--Jesus will be in the middle of it all.

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1 Comment

Alissa Rybak
Alissa Rybak
Jan 15, 2020

Love this!! I’m so excited for summer camp! Working summer camp was the best decision EVER. 10/10 recommended to anyone thinking about it.

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