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2021: A year of provision and favor


After a unique year in uncharted territory, we rang in 2021 with hope in our hearts.


We welcomed our kids and teens back into our home for a few short weeks until our building flooded during a snowstorm. We began repairs with God's favor shining upon us.


We remained hopeful and diligent. Our Spring Carnival was held outdoors as our building was being repaired. The Lord provided, and we welcomed hundreds of kids inside for Spring Break Camp.


Our Easter Basket Giveaway provided sweet gifts to celebrate. Our kids were given clear vision with new glasses. We opened up our doors for Kids Club and Teen Night with new floors, new walls, new paint, and a newfound excitement for our future in this building.


We prepared hard for Summer Camp with the knowledge God would show favor in bringing hundreds of kids and an equipped summer staff.


400 kids walked into our doors to begin what would be the best summer yet. They were served hot meals and loved on for 30 days.


Every kid was given a new pair of shoes picked with them in mind and groceries for their families. Needs in our community were met as we approached the school year.


We celebrated Summer Camp coming to an end with baptisms. We believe the little lives that were changed will go on to impact our community.


Kids Club and Teen Night began for the semester. We entered into this season with hope and vision. Moms were blessed with necessities and home decor. Our families had love poured into them.


We were surrounded by smiles and laughter at our Fall Carnival. A princess and a doctor walked in our doors with empty grocery sacks and left with more candy and smiles than they could have ever imagined. Their parents left with a joyful heart and an abundance of peace.


Sweet smiles drove through our parking lot. Hundreds of families were blessed with Thanksgiving groceries and prayer. They were able to celebrate with joy and gratitude.


The Christmas spirit was ever present. Hundreds of kids were blessed with so many toys, new coats, and a Target shopping trip. Our families were given relief and experienced Christmas joy.

God’s provision and favor on the Youth World family in 2021 is something we will never forget. We praise Jesus for the life change, joy, and relief He blessed our families with. Thank you to everyone who joined our story and made this year possible!

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