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summer camp 2022

Praise Jesus for this Summer.

Praise Jesus for 150 salvations and 60 baptisms. This is why we do Summer Camp! This is the beginning of a change in our community.

Praise Jesus for these kids. These kids are excellent, model Jesus, and are servant hearted. Praise Jesus we are able to recognize and award these kids.

Praise Jesus for Bishop Dunne, the Dallas Mavericks, Terri Foy, Eyes on Broad, Bridge LaCrosse and 2nd Chance for Kids. These are the partnerships who made Summer Camp 2022 unique and special.

Praise Jesus for new backpacks, new shoes and new eyeglasses. 300 kids are stepping into the new school year equipped with the tools they need to thrive.

Praise Jesus for our Summer Camp Staff- the work they put in for these six weeks could never go unnoticed. We will never forget the impact you made on our kids in the Summer of 2022.

and now, we look forward to summer 2023

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