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Please place the following items in a cloth grocery bag:

- 1 Box Instant Potatoes

- 2 Boxes of Cornbread

- 2 Stove Top Stuffing

- 1 3 pack Mac&Cheese

- 1 Can Cranberry Sauce

- 1 Chicken Broth

- Peanut Butter

- 2 Cans of Corn

- 2 Cans of Green Beans

- 1 Can of Sweet Potatoes

- 1 lb Rice

- Gravy

- Jelly

- Cake Mix

- Frosting

Youth World will add a turkey and produce to each bag on the day of the event!

Optional: add $20 to cover the cost of the turkey and produce for your bag!

where can i bring my groceries?

You can bring your groceries to Youth World, or any of our local drop off locations! Call or e-mail us for locations!

What do you mean by cloth bags?

We ask that the groceries are put in a cloth grocery bag, sold by the registers! This helps keep the groceries together and ensures the bags make it to the families safely.

what does the $20 go towards?

We are asking for $20 per bag to cover refrigerated items such as produce and turkeys. If you cannot include this, don’t let this stop you from donating a bag!

Want to join this story but cannot collect groceries?

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